Califa Green Consulting

Acquire. Launch. Operate

Welcome to Califa Green Consulting, an end to end Consulting Firm assisting you with succesfully acquiring licenses, launching businesses, and operating compliantly in the cannabis industry.


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Industry License CA, IL, MI, MD, DC

License Application Consulting for cultivation, distribution, delivery, manufacturing and event licenses.

  • Implementing entity ownership structures which maximize protection and minimize liability.

  • Engaging with our network industry experts who specialize in Security, Compliance, Architecture, Community Engagement

  • Engaging with our political connections on state and local levels


Successful Business

Supportive services for successfully launching your business after receiving your license. 

  • Real estate and Zoning assistance

  • Marketing and Branding 

  • Staffing Solutions

  • Staff Training


Operating Compliantly 

Ensuring compliance at all levels through Califa Green Platform compliance features and legal support team.

  • Ongoing compliance training for staff

  • Accounting assistance and best practices

  • Community engagement

  • Developing standard operating procedures