Cannabis License Application Process

Acquiring a a license in the cannabis industry is a case by case process based on the type of license in addition to state and local laws. We walk you through the process based on your needs.

Our licensing consulting services include:

License Application Consulting for cultivation, distribution, delivery, manufacturing and event licenses.

License Type

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Consumers can only legally purchase cannabis from licensed retailers, often called dispensaries. Like retailers in any industry, they strive to carry a variety of products that cater to their customer demographic.

Store Front


Like all agricultural products, cannabis starts with what is essentially farming. Depending on the state, they may call it growing or cultivating. The companies in this stage of the supply chain specialize in harvesting quality cannabis, which can be done indoors or outdoors. They strive for consistent and dependable harvest schedules and often have proprietary methods of growing to enhance quality and shorten the time it takes for the cannabis plant to mature.


At this stage of the supply chain, dried cannabis flower is transformed into finished products. This process can look very different depending on the end product. Flower can be packaged into jars or rolled into joints ready for sale. Extraction companies create concentrates that can be packaged and sold or turned into vaporizers, topicals, or edibles. These companies will operate like specialized production factories.

Brand Olive Oil
Forklift Delivery


Distributors in the cannabis industry come in many forms. Depending on the state and the operations of the wholesale brand, distributors can be used in the following ways, or a combination of them:

  1. Shipping product on behalf of the wholesaler

  2. Warehousing product on behalf of the wholesaler

  3. Serving as an external sales team for the wholesaler

  4. Collecting payments from retailers and moving money on behalf of the wholesaler

  5. Contract manufacturing of product


Before a grower can sell their harvest, each batch will be assigned an ID and sent in for lab testing. Every state has its own regulations around mandated testing, but it usually includes reporting on cannabinoid potency and the presence of pesticides and foreign material.

Lab Experiment
Delivery Men


There are a variety of distribution models from state to state. Some local areas provide delivery licenses for retailers with no storefront.

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